Compliance is about abiding by the law

but corporate compliance is a matter of attitude and culture.

First and foremost, making it a priority to cultivate a corporate focus on compliance is about assessment of circumstances, implementing policy and procedures, educating and supervising their enforcement. Compliance officers are a must in the nowadays corporate world, as the external environment is characterized by more and more complex and intertwined rules and regulations.

Our firm can be your externalized compliance officer and help build a strong compliance framework for your enterprise – assess, implement policies, educate and supervise enforcement within your organization. We can work side by side to your management and either upgrade to compliance your structure or help you devise a built-in compliance culture to begin with.

Compliance means that our team of experts in many areas – finance, labour, civil rights, competition, inclusion and equal opportunities, international law – can figure out for you what is the safest way to run your company, and, at the same time, build a compliance culture within.

We are currently helping clients to figure out the best match between their business model, corporate culture and applicable laws. We are working side by side with heads of functions in order to give them instruments and clarity for devising policies and procedures, for streamlining the informational and decision-making flows. We are advising on the best solutions in time of crisis, as well as providing the best training for their staff on matters that impact their organization greatly – starting from labour conflicts, bribery charges, market barriers, faulty corporate reporting and improper acts altogether.

Risk assessment is one of our fortes, and we can easily estimate the compliance health for your company or parts of it. Also, we can take the risk assessment a bit further and provide solutions and representation in relation to those.