Positive Impact

Biriș Goran's priority will always be the needs of its clients. However, the firm also recognizes the need to give back to the wider community that made us what, and helped us reach where, we are.

As such, we actively encourage our lawyers to get involved, and dedicate firm resources and time, to a number of initiatives past and present: 

Ruxandra Jianu is heading the tax task force of the Coalition for Romania’s Development (Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea Romaniei), a private non-political initiative, gathering the most representative organizations for the business environment in Romania with the purpose to provide a cohesive basis for consultation with the Government and other public institutions on topics that impact the business and economic climate in Romania;

supporting with legal advice "La Blouse Roumaine – IA" Association and the online community La Blouse Roumaine, who initiated a cultural identity movement centered on the image and meaning of “IA” – the Romanian Blouse, as a country brand for Romania. Identifying the need for legal protection of traditional design and elements, our former colleague Monica Boța-Moisin had the initiative of “IA Law” a project aimed at implementing a protection and promotion system for cultural expressions englobed in elements of traditional design. “The Romanian Blouse is a connecting symbol of the Romanian community worldwide and plays a key role in the manifestation of cultural identity with the potential of becoming a cultural brand of Romania.” (Monica Boța-Moisin);

We are happy to support with legal advice Fotograful Anului în România (The Photographer of the Year in Romania), a national large-scale competition aiming to recognize Romanian photographic art and photographic artists and to further become a platform for promotion, valorisation and education in the art of photography. The competition’s jury is formed of prestigious photographers from Romania and abroad, editors of international publications as well as cultural managers in the field;

providing pro bono assistance with regulatory and litigious issues for identity rights protection to the PACT Foundation, a non-governmental and non-profit organization, which helps foster sustainable development of at risk local communities in rural and small-urban areas in the South of Romania;   

supporting ZP3, a non-governmental and non-profit organization set up by two of our colleagues, Anca Zegrean and Teodora Moțatu, devoted to help orphans and impoverished children with education materials, food and clothing, toys, cleansing products, and in some cases fire-wood. “We take a particular interest in talented and academically gifted children, aiming to achieve both immediate and lasting change in their lives by providing them with educational supplies, and helping them to fulfill their potential” Anca Zegrean.

The organization set up a partnership with Sector 3 City Hall’s Child Protection division organizing charity campaigns every year for Christmas, Easter and Children’s day.

active involvement in various chambers of commerce.  For instance, Biriş Goran has been present at AmCham’s task forces on Tax, Competition, Energy or IP / IT matters since its inception in 2006; 

teaching positions and presentation of seminars at law faculties, including tax seminars held by our tax team with the European Law Students Association;

providing pro bono work to selected charities, such as SOS Satele Copiilor, Ovidiu RoAsociatia Vasiliada or Fundatia Scheherazade.