New Partner Anca Iulia Zegrean

New Partner  – Anca Iulia Zegrean

Anca Iulia Zegrean is the new Partner with BirișGoran

Anca Iulia Zegrean, Head of Labour with BirișGoran, has just been announced as
new Partner of this top Romanian law firm.

“Anca joined us in 2012 and had a clear, determined and fast ascension to the current role as Partner with our firm. This only comes as a recognition of her essential contribution in litigation, tax and labor areas. We are really happy to have with us a true leader, a truly exceptional potential and a matching achievement portfolio”, stated Gabriel Biriș, Partner with BirișGoran.

Anca Iulia Zegrean is recognized for her work in the labor department, a practice that she already is Head of, since 2016. With a high level portfolio of clients and a complexity of matters – from the most common to the most sophisticated such as workplace harassment and equality of opportunity – Anca is amongst the most referred to specialists in her domain and a solid contributor to the press as such.

“In the midst of a major paradigm shift, I want to bring an important contribution in bringing legislation up to the challenges of the new reality. Romania is adapting to
the new European regulation concerning labor, and the current entrepreneurs will have to integrate, adapt and implement an impressive number of changes in their business model, and I am determined to be part of the change”, declared Anca Iulia Zegrean.

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